FEATURED: CoMA Manchester

Ellen is the Music Director for CoMA Manchester. Significant recent projects have included the culmination of their Arts Council funded ‘Streaming Blue’ project and their partnership concert with CoMA Sheffield and Music in the Round on 8 October.

Their interpretation of Lorna Green’s video score ‘Big Stones’ is playing at the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery from 18 October until 18 November 2022. Ellen presented alongside committee members Bofan Ma and Shaun Davies at ‘Music and/as Process’ conference 2021. Their talk was titled CoMA Manchester: Building a community new music ensemble over Zoom’. It can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/J4O8HHYBtZ4.

CoMA Manchester featured in the RNCM PLAY festival in March 2021. Their audiovisual programme included works by Ellen, Bofan Ma and Amber Priestley and can be viewed below.