Silenced for soprano, contrabass clarinet and percussion

Silenced (for soprano, contrabass clarinet and percussion) is written about the female’s voice through time. It is written about the ‘minority’s’ voice through time. It is written about the silenced voices in the past, the present, and the future; and it is written to unite these voices, to prompt change, to celebrate one another.

It is written to challenge us to actually listen to one another.

Written in four movements, Silenced illustrates a world where we cannot hear one another, where we spend so much time talking over each other that we are still silenced, still unheard, still forgotten. Movement 1 is a polyphonic cacophony of muttering, representing this world and the indiscernible nature of it’s counterparts. Movements 2 to 4 spend time challenging this polyphonic reality, and gradually introduce conceptions of listening to one another, of supporting each other, of unity.

In it’s entirety, the piece addresses my concerns with social media, and uses the past (connecting with ‘historic’ literature) to challenge the present. By talking over each other all the time, are we still silencing one another? Are we listening to each other? Are we uniting and supporting one another?

The piece ends with a warning, asking ‘who wronged thee?’. Encouraging us to look introspectively upon our treatment of one another’s voices, to learn from the past, the piece advocates reflection. Written for International Women’s Day 2019 it recognises the incredible power of today’s vocal platforms, but prompts us to truly connect with one another, with the past, the present and the future.

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